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What we do

Simply put, we’re a small and nimble production company, basically three people (2 of them principals) with a ton of experience in all aspects of production. Collectively we have worked on long form television projects, variety talk shows, live comedy events, commercials and short films and feature films. So what does this mean to you, the client?

It means:

- we bring a completely fresh approach to each project.

- our overhead and operational expenses are low and the savings gets reflected in the quality of the work.

- we have great relationships with crew and vendors to help us maximize production value while managing costs.

- our house is yours when we work together. We’re in the heart of Hollywood with space to accommodate a production team along with a conference room for production meetings. For larger projects, we can even scale up to provide additional space!

- our experience has taught us the key to production is organization and creative understanding. These two, when put together, further help us to maximize production quality while saving money.

- our relationships are not limited to production but extend to post. We have numerous contacts to assist with post including editorial, design, animation, visual effects, color, music, sound and finishing.

- our depth of knowledge allows for collaboration, guidance and counsel to help support our client’s goals.

- our accounting practices are extremely professional and transparent; the goal being to establish trust and confidence in long-term relationships.